Knitwear for kids – Fun and practical option for the little ones


KNITWEAR FOR KIDS – FUN AND PRACTICAL OPTION FOR THE LITTLE ONES Knitwear for kids is one of the most versatile, practical and fun clothing options for the little ones. Not only does it keep them warm and cozy, but it also offers endless possibilities for fun, imaginative, and colorful designs. In this blog piece, […]

Where to Buy Baby Shower Gifts?

Baby showers are all about celebrating new life. For most women, pregnancy is a little bumpy roller coaster ride. From having mood swings to nausea, sore feet, and abdomen pain, pregnant women go through a lot during those nine months. So the least the close friends or family members of the mommy-to-be can do is […]

What is a Good Gift for a Baby Shower?

The baby shower is a long-awaited moment for new moms and their friends. Of course, new moms are excited to receive amazing baby shower gifts from their friends and family. But, at the same time, friends and family are often confused about what to get for their mommy-to-be loved one to make her day even […]

Baby Shower Checklist

The arrival of a baby is a moment of great joy and deserves to be celebrated. A baby shower is ideal for gathering loved ones, receiving gifts, and celebrating this stage of life. However, for organizing a great baby shower, you need to prepare every detail of this magical and unique moment with lots of […]

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas to Suit All Tastes

A baby shower is always an extraordinary event for mothers, and they love to celebrate the arrival of their little one with their friends and family. At the baby shower party, while the parents take care of the decorations and the sweets, the guests guarantee a special gift for the day. And we can agree […]

Baby Shower Etiquette Guide: Rules Everyone Should Follow

Baby showers are one of the great times to celebrate the arrival of the little one and give special and much-needed gifts to the parents-to-be loved ones. However, to make sure that the upcoming bundle of joy gets the wonderful welcome they deserve and the mommy-to-be has a blast, there are many rules to follow. […]

6 Useful Baby Shower Gifts Anyone Would Appreciate

Baby showers are beautiful occasions to celebrate with loved ones. They are filled with yummy goodies, delicious treats, silly games, and loads of fun. However, as a guest, it can be a daunting task to figure out what to bring to a baby shower. Of course, registry lists can be super helpful, but what if […]

2019 collection

Born in 2001, Associazione Tessile e Salute protects consumers, manufacturers, agencies and organizations who take to heart the safety of the textile and footwear sector and the preservation of Made in Italy.

It works in synergy with the Italian Health Department, the Anti Adulteration Health Unit (NAS), the local health authorities and the Public Prosecutors to prevent and fight the spread of harmful products on the market. It’s about to become Osservatorio Nazionale Tessile – Abbigliamento – Pelle – Calzature. (National Textile Observatory – Apparel – Leather – Footwear)

2019 collection

TF – Traceability & Fashion is a voluntary system managed by Unionfiliere and promoted by Unioncamere and Italy’s Chambers of Commerce. Its objective is to certify and increase the value of the products of the “Made in Italy” supply chains

2019 collection

Our yarn supplier also joins the program “ZDHC Roadmap to Zero”, through which is committed to supporting a conscious management of chemical and potentially harmful substances according to the program guidelines with an approach of prevention, precaution and innovation in order to protect consumers, workers and environment

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