Baby Shower Checklist

The arrival of a baby is a moment of great joy and deserves to be celebrated. A baby shower is ideal for gathering loved ones, receiving gifts, and celebrating this stage of life. However, for organizing a great baby shower, you need to prepare every detail of this magical and unique moment with lots of love and affection.

Preparing a baby shower is as exciting as waiting for the birth; it is a unique moment to celebrate the arrival of the little bundle of joy with great affection. That’s why details are important when it comes to organizing the event.

However, planning a baby shower can require a lot of time and effort. Time will creep up on you, and you will suddenly realize you only have a few weeks left to get everything booked, neat, and organized for the big event.  

A great baby shower requires a lot of care when preparing, such as decoration, food, drink, invitations, who to invite, and location, among other essential items for a memorable party. Do you want to throw a great baby shower for your mommy-to-be sister or best friend? Stress no more. We have brought you a complete checklist to make this date unforgettable and perfect!

Checklist: How to host the perfect baby shower for your parents-to-be loved ones?

To start your baby shower preparations, first think about the party’s style, the budget, and whether you will hire or invite someone you trust to help you. Here is the checklist you need to follow to host a great baby shower for your parents-to-be friends:

Choose the date

Choosing the date for a baby shower is not always easy. On the one hand, you have to match the needs of many guests, while on the other hand, you need to make sure the date should be towards the end of the pregnancy – between the seventh and eighth month of pregnancy.

However, you will have to be extra careful if the mommy-to-be is at rest. The best idea is to talk to her doctor before setting a date for the baby shower. However, if you are not in contact with your pregnant friend’s doctor, you only have one option – consult with the mommy-to-be herself, preferably as discreetly as possible.

Once you have chosen the date, it will be easy to figure out how much time you have to plan everything, from decorations to invitations, treats, baby shower games, and thoughtful thank you notes.

Prepare a guest list

To go to the next steps, you first need to organize a guest list to know how many people will be invited to the baby shower. To make it easier, prepare small lists divided between family, friends, and work friends, so you don’t run the risk of forgetting anyone. Who exactly will be invited depends mainly on the expectant mother’s wishes.

The person organizing the party should ideally consult it in case of doubt. For example, you can ask who should be at a potential party without revealing a date or process. The mommy-to-be might know that something is about to happen, but she will still be surprised on the day itself.

To make it even more special for the mommy-to-be, invite all the people she loves. A friend that she loves but has not seen for a long time because of busy routines or a childhood friend who she once shared her dreams of being a mother with, you can invite them all. The
day will be unforgettable with so many dear people celebrating, together with her, the arrival of her little one!

Generally, only women are invited to baby showers, but it would make the baby shower a little more special if you have invited the friends of the daddy-to-be too. After all, the celebration is also his.

Once the guest list is ready, send invitations through WhatsApp or Facebook with clear timing and venue details, so everyone reaches the spot on time.

Book a spot

Look for a venue that matches the style of your baby shower. For example, if you want something more homey, cheap, and have few guests, a space in a house that can accommodate the number of people on your list can be a great option, such as a living room, garage, outhouse, or ballrooms in buildings can also be a perfect choice.

However, if you need a bigger place, the good idea is to ask for quotes in restaurants, event halls, and other places that provide you with more complete services for the day, such as freezers, tables, chairs, air-conditioners, etc.

Set the menu

To choose the food and drink for the baby shower, you must analyze the time and type of party. A cool tip for afternoon baby showers is to invest in cakes, pies, and snacks in general. Ordering snacks can be a great option if you want practicality.

Another interesting idea is to ask guests to bring a plate to set up a delicious table with plenty of variety. Also, don’t forget the candy table! You can set up a simple table with homemade sweets or even order some personalized sweets with the party theme. However, it depends greatly on how much you can invest.

For baby showers at night, dinner can be great, but it can cost you a lot. A variety of dishes must be great to please everyone. You will also have to analyze if you will be able to prepare dinner yourself or have to hire a catering service.

Planning the baby shower decor

Decorating a baby shower should, of course, be all about the child. So either you decorate according to the expected sex of the future child or – especially if you don’t already know – you keep all the decor neutral.

If the mommy-to-be is expecting a boy, the decor should be more in shades of blue. However, if it is a girl, make sure that pink and red should be seen everywhere. Depending on the genre, ribbons, flowers, butterflies, balls, cars, and elephants can be used in the decor.

If you want to do the decor all by yourself, make sure to start preparing approximately three months in advance so you have enough time to get your hands dirty. However, suppose you are not a pro at decorations. In that case, it’s better to hire a professional decorator and look for quotes according to the theme and colors you thought of to make your baby shower party even more full of love.

Prepare a gift list

Here comes the most important part – making a baby shower registry or wishlist that indicates to the guests what the parents-to-be want to win. The best idea is to take help from both parents and prepare a registry. Then, send the baby shower registry or wishlist along with the invitation to help parents-to-be avoid winning repeated items.

Baby shower games

If the pregnant mother likes games, you must include some fun activities and games to keep both the mommy-to-be and the guests amused for hours. Here are a few great baby shower game ideas to make the parents-to-be and guests have a blast:

  • Guess the baby’s birth length, -weight, and -date.
  • All guests can write a greeting and life advice to the future baby, which the parents can save in a nice jar.
  • A similar activity is that guests can write spicy and inspiring messages on the back of a bunch of diapers. It makes upcoming diaper changes even more fun!
  • Pair celebrities with the names/photos of their newborn baby.
  • Paint mommy-to-be tummy, and then a nice picture is taken together with all the artists.

Make a diaper cake

A baby shower can’t be complete without a cake. Of course, the star of the baby showers is the diaper cake, which you can make yourself or count on the help of your friend who is skilled in manual arts. It looks great on the table, costs little, and can still be reused in another event of the kind.

As this cake is only decorative, it is important to have a “cut cake,” which does not have decoration, so it is more affordable. It’s just a bet on a delicious flavor. If you have a little leftover, serve it with ice cream, and it will be a hit!

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