6 Useful Baby Shower Gifts Anyone Would Appreciate

Baby showers are beautiful occasions to celebrate with loved ones. They are filled with yummy goodies, delicious treats, silly games, and loads of fun. However, as a guest, it can be a daunting task to figure out what to bring to a baby shower.

Of course, registry lists can be super helpful, but what if there is no registry, or you want to make an extra effort of surprising your mom-to-be friend with something unique and thoughtful that is not on the list?

So your best friend is having a baby, and you are entirely clueless about the whole enterprise. What should you bring to the shower to win the title of “best aunt or uncle”? Should you go with something cute or useful?


Stress no more. Scroll down to find some amazing baby shower gift ideas to bring a wide smile to parents-to-be faces.


6 Practical ideas for baby shower gifts in 2022

When shopping for baby shower gifts, it’s easy to get lost in the tiny newborn clothes, cute shoes, and itsy bitsy socks. However, as adorable as those pieces are, they might not be the most practical and useful gifts to shower parents-to-be with.

If you don’t know where to start, turning to the baby registry is a safe choice. However, some are still confused about whether it’s best to stick to the baby registry crafted by parents themselves or skip it for something “more personal, and more special.”

Want to surprise your parents-to-be loved ones with something not on their wish list yet super useful? Here are a few best baby shower gift ideas that will make the roller-coaster ride less bumpy for them:


Muslin Blankets

These blankets are quite versatile, making them a perfect baby shower gift. From wrapping your baby to using it as a burp cloth, nursing cover, tummy time mats, car seat, or stroller cover, these blankets will help new parents take better care of their newborn baby. You can find some high-quality muslin blankets from Amazon and Walmart. However, make sure to pick organic baby blankets as they are soft and free of toxins.


Also, if the weather will be cold and chilly when the baby arrives in the world, it is great to add some knitted baby blankets to your muslin blanket bundle too. These knitted blankets will keep the little bundle of joy warm on chilly evening walks and cold nights. Don’t know where to shop for baby-friendly knitted blankets? Visit Avito Knitwear to shop for quality knitted baby products. Help the new parents keep their little bundle of joy nice and cozy with these soft and snuggly knitted baby blankets. Your parents-to-be loved ones will appreciate your thoughtful gift!


Baby clothes (in bigger sizes)

Adorable baby clothes are undoubtedly the popular gifts at baby showers. But how do you make them more practical and appreciated? By choosing the right styles in various sizes up to 24 months.

Babies grow fast. Therefore, your baby shower gift can turn useless within a month if you stick to sizes like 0-3 or 3-6 months. On the other hand, most babies are born healthy and can quickly grow out of smaller-sized clothes. Therefore, if you want to get baby clothes as a baby shower gift, make sure to get the larger sizes like 6-12 months or even 12-18 months.

It is a practical approach to gift-giving. Also, breaking out a new outfit a year later will feel like a sweet little way to relive the memories of a baby shower all over again. Now, you must be wondering what styles you should choose? Onesies? Shirts? Or pajamas? Well, it would be better to get a mix of everything.

Get onesies in bigger sizes, shirts with long and short sleeves,  footed pants in cute colors,  and 2-way zipper pajamas in soft bamboo fabric. With all these choices, you will be able to make changing times hassle-free for new parents. Footed pants, 2-way zipper pajamas, and onesies will make their lives much easier!

However, if you are short on money, you can choose any of these in larger sizes. Your gift will still stand out in the crowd because of its usefulness. Not sure where to shop? You will find plenty of baby clothes in cute patterns on Amazon and Walmart. However, don’t forget to give the customer reviews a read before placing your order!

From Burt Bees footed sleepers to Mothercare onesies, you will find everything on Amazon or Walmart.


Dribble bibs

New mamas can never have enough dribble bibs, making it a perfect baby shower gift. From protecting the baby against spit-up and drool to catching up the loose food and spills, dribble bibs are bound to come in handy for any new mama.

Therefore, when looking for a practice baby shower gift, you can go for cotton dribble bibs in different designs such as cat, dog, fox, or fish to make the little one look more adorable. It may be a small gift, but new parents need it in tons!

Baby carrier

Want to help new moms breastfeed their babies on the go or keep their unsettled babies calm while grocery shopping? Gift them a baby carrier. A baby carrier is a must for multitasking moms, and while it may cost a little more than expected, its lifespan makes it worth the price you pay.

Baby carriers are usually capable of holding babies from 7 to 40 pounds. Therefore, it will be the best baby shower gift that lasts long. While shopping for a baby carrier, you must choose the one with a cute pattern. If you don’t know where to buy it, check Amazon and Walmart.

High chair

New parents will quickly learn just how messy baby mealtimes can be, especially when introducing solids to the little one. Do you want to help your best friend stop the mess? Gift the new mom-to-be a high chair at her baby shower. A high chair will help her make baby meal times mess-free.

Are you looking for a sturdy and high-quality high chair? Check 4moms high chair. No high chair can completely stop the mess, but this one can. High chair by 4moms includes a magnetic tray top that you can easily snap in or remove with a single hand. Also, it comes with a dishwasher-safe tray liner to make new moms’ lives much easier.

When everyone is bringing gifts for the baby, you can melt your new mom-to-be friend’s heart by bringing her something useful. So what could be better than bringing her a high-quality pregnancy pillow? A pregnancy pillow will not only help her sleep well during the last days of pregnancy but also after the arrival of the baby by making breastfeeding times hassle-free. Isn’t it amazing?

When everyone is bringing gifts for the baby, you can melt your new mom-to-be friend’s heart by bringing her something useful. So what could be better than bringing her a high-quality pregnancy pillow? A pregnancy pillow will not only help her sleep well during the last days of pregnancy but also after the arrival of the baby by making breastfeeding times hassle-free. Isn’t it amazing?


Pregnancy pillow

Not sure where to shop? Buy Bbhugme’s pregnancy body pillow to give your pregnant friend or colleague maximum comfort. It can be used as a full-body pillow during pregnancy to provide support to the lower back, pelvis, knees, belly, and ankles. Also, it is perfect for nursing a baby while helping you avoid pressure on your neck and shoulders.

Your pregnant friend or colleague may have skipped this one while making her baby shower registry, but she definitely needs this one! She will thank you for this lovely and helpful baby shower gift from the bottom of her heart.



A baby shower is a great way to celebrate and support the new parents while providing the essentials they will need once their little bundle of joy arrives. One way to do that is to give them a handful of useful baby shower gifts. If you have found yourself stuck wondering what to take along with you to your best friend or colleague’s baby shower, we hope our list was helpful in finding the perfect yet practical gift for your loved ones! So show your love and care to a soon-to-be mom through a thoughtful baby shower gift!

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