Baby showers are all about celebrating new life. For most women, pregnancy is a little bumpy roller coaster ride. From having mood swings to nausea, sore feet, and abdomen pain, pregnant women go through a lot during those nine months. So the least the close friends or family members of the mommy-to-be can do is throw a great baby shower.

By holding a baby shower party for a mommy-to-be, they will be able to show emotional support to her as well as bring together a lot of the items needed to take care of a baby. Taking care of a little one may get you excited at first, but it is definitely a task that requires a lot of time, effort, patience, and a lot of accessories and baby products.

The list of products and accessories required can get super expensive. That’s why baby showers are held to help parents-to-be stock up on things needed to take care of their precious ones. Do you have to attend a baby shower in the coming week? Or has your best friend just announced she is expecting? You will also need to bring a perfect baby shower gift to the party to show your support to the parents-to-be.

Have no idea what to buy and where to buy it from? Stress no more. We have scoured the web and narrowed down the best of the best baby shower gift ideas out there. Also, links are attached to every product for you to have a hassle-free shopping experience.


Whether this is your first baby shower to attend or the 20th, you will never go wrong with these best baby shower gift ideas. From play mats to spacious diaper bags, there are many things to pick from and support your parents-to-be loved ones.


Lovevery Play Gym

Is there any better gift than a playmat that helps keep the baby engaged and entertained? Absolutely nothing. Playmat by Lovevery is designed by child development experts to keep the little one amused for hours while the parents complete their routine tasks.

Also, this playmat will not turn useless after the baby turns one – it has a wide range of options to switch out based on the baby’s age. Isn’t it amazing? The baby will enjoy hours of play and tummy time with this playmat.

Plus, this playmat comes in a stylish design to complement the living room or bedroom decor without being an eyesore. Your parents-to-be loved ones will definitely appreciate your thoughtful gift!


Knitted baby clothes and blankets by Avito Knitwear

Is your best friend’s baby due in the coldest months of the year? Help the baby make that first public appearance in warm, comfy, and cute style knitted clothes. With knitted clothes, you will be able to save the mom from the hassle of making the baby wear gazillions of layers.

Not sure where to get the high-quality knitwear for babies in cute patterns and colors? Check Avito Knitwear. They have a wide range of knitted baby clothes. You will have plenty of options to choose from knitted cardigans to hats, jackets, pajama sets, and blankets.

Also, if you want to get something special for the mommy-to-be, plenty of “mum & me” matching knitted sets are available. Which mom will not like to twin with her baby? Of Course, no one. Choose any set for the mommy and baby so they can perfectly twin together as well as stay warm and protected in the cold weather.


Sophie la Girafe Rattle & Teething Toy

Babies can become extremely cranky during the teething period. New parents have to sacrifice their sleep, work, and personal time when their little one is growing teeth. Do you want to help them in this teething stage of their little one? Gift them a teething toy as a baby shower gift.

Now, you must be wondering where to buy the best teething toy that is eye-catching to the little peepers as well as perfect for the little hands. Look no more. For good reasons, Sophie la Girafe has undoubtedly become immensely popular among new parents. Even if you are not a parent, you might have seen this teething toy dangling out of the mouths of every baby on the street.

New parents will keep their unsettled baby calm during the teething stage with this eye-catching teething toy. The teething toy will help soothe the baby’s mouth and keep them in a happy mood. This gift set includes a teething toy, a beaded rattle, a Sophie la Girafe bag, and a gift tag. If you are looking for the best baby shower gift for your best friend, this one is definitely not worth skipping!


Baby bathtub with the built-in thermometer

New parents often struggle with keeping the water at the right temperature while giving a bath to their precious ones. To make it easier for your parents-to-be loved ones, give them a bathtub with a built-in thermometer as a baby shower gift. It will help the new parents ensure the bathwater is at the right temperature – not too cold or not too hot for their little one

This infant bathtub comes with a built-in thermometer to help new parents maintain the right temperature while bathing their little ones. Also, it is sturdy enough to last long, no matter how big or heavy the baby gets.


Diaper Backpack by Dagne Dover Indi

Do you want a baby shower gift idea that helps ease the parenthood for your parents-to-be loved ones? Gift them a diaper bag. In the first few months, taking care of babies is all about changing diapers. So help the new parents carry the diapers anywhere they go conveniently.

This diaper bag by Dagne Dover Indi may look small but can easily store tons of diapers and other handy baby products in it. The new parents can easily stuff the diapers, changing mat, wipes, and favorite toys in it while going for an outing with a baby. Unlike other diaper bags, it is stylish and will go well with the mom or dad’s outfits. Choose this as your baby shower gift and make the new parents look stylish and equipped with the essentials on the go!


Fridababy Baby Basics kit

Do you want to give a handy and practical baby shower gift? Forget all the other baby kits and check this one out. From snot sucker to nail clipper, cradle cap brush, and even a tool to help baby pass gas, the Fridababy baby basic kit has everything new parents need. It may not be a glamorous baby shower gift, but it is the most useful and practical one.


Cloud b Sleep Sheep

Do you want to give a cute yet useful baby shower gift? This little fuzzy sheep by Cloud b is more than just a cute toy – it’s undoubtedly the new parents’ lifesaver. With relaxing white noise like a mother’s heartbeat, ocean surf, whale songs, and spring showers, it will help calm the unsettled baby fast and put them to sleep.

New parents can hang it around the crib or place it near the baby and complete their daily chores relaxed. It undoubtedly is the most adorable and useful baby shower gift.


Amazon gift card

Are you still not sure what to give your parents-to-be loved ones as a baby shower gift? Give them the Amazon gift card in cute packaging. Sometimes, it can be quite confusing to figure out what the new parents need. Also, when the thought of giving a repeated item haunts you, it becomes even more difficult to find the best baby shower gift.

However, with an Amazon gift card, you can help your parents-to-be loved ones buy something they really need. Whether it’s diapers or a baby bathtub, they will be able to buy anything they like and want from Amazon with your gift card. Isn’t it smart? The new parents will be thankful for this lifesaver when searching for the latest sleep solutions or a book that helps them ease parenthood.



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